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Total Body Gym Machine, Abs & Core Workout Equipment with Rowing Machine

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Full Body Home Gym Machine: This 22 in 1 Wonder Master is a new fitness innovation that provides a full body workout in one machine for muscle building and weight loss. It comes with tutorial posters of specially designed 22 exercising ways. You don’t have to break the bank to get your own amazing multi-functional home gym.

22 Workout Modes Equipment: With this workout machine, you can tone your thighs, buns, abdominal, arms and chest. You can get all the same exercise in the comfort of you own home, you workout when you want and however you want.

Detachable Rowing Machine: Another design feature on the home gym exerciser is the rowing machine. When you want to exercise your arms, just turn the rowing machine forward and fix it with the straight bolts. When finish your arms exercise, easily pull out the straight bolts without any tools to fold the rowing machine.

Sturdy and Tough Construction: Protect your spine and neck with 4 soft foam rollers to . The bending angle can reach 100-180 degrees. Made of heavy-duty iron material, it is sturdy enough to support weight up to 275lbs.

Rotary Cushion and Height Adjustment:This comfortable padded cushion is can rotate 360 degrees and is specially designed for twisting, which effectively exercises the muscles on both sides of the waist. The height of the backrest and the length of the bottom can be adjusted to three levels. According to your height and exercise needs, you can find a position to do different exercises and make workout more effective.

Multi-functional 22 in 1 Total Body Home Gym Machine

This multi-functional total body home gym machine, save your time to the gymnasium, no need to pay expensive gym fees anymore, 22 kinds of exercise ways allows you to practice your arms, legs and abs. You just need to pay one product to exercise multiple parts of your body, no longer have to worry about becoming a couch potato.

Biceps brachii muscle & Back

The biceps can be strengthened using weight and resistance training. Examples of well known biceps exercises are the chin-up and biceps curl. The intricate anatomy of the back provides support for the head and trunk of the body, strength in the trunk of the body, as well as a great deal of flexibility and movement.


A strong forearm means a strong grip, and the exercise of the large upper limb muscles is indispensable to the grasp of the hand. A strong grip will undoubtedly make you more comfortable in the exercise.

Abdomen & Legs

Want to train into a vest line? Our home gym fitness equipment at home, no longer have to worry about having a belly. Legs are the foundation and the source of the whole body's strength. Strong legs and core can also promote upper limb strength.


[Product Function]

· Burn belly fat

· Tone abs core muscles

· Building muscle groups

· Keep fit and shape body

· Multi use home gym equipment


[Product feature]

· Product Size: 36.3*20.5*35 inch

· Cushion Size: 12*14 inch

· Adjust Levels (backrest&bottom): 3

· Net Weight: 23 lbs

· Support Weight: 275 lbs

· Color: Black&Red

[Package include]

· 22 IN 1 Workout Machine*1

· Guide Poster*1

· User Manual*1