Guide to Dressing According to Body Shape

Guide to Dressing According to Body Shape

Guide to Dressing According to Body Shape 

It is not always possible to keep up with the latest fashion trends as they are changing so fast. And it is equally challenging to understand how to adapt the trends for the many unique but fabulous body shapes that women possess. The trick is to feel good in whatever a person wear. And it only happens when one understands their body shape and what would make them feel more comfortable and confident. So, here are a few tips to dressing as per body shape. There are four basic shapes apple, pear, hourglass and straight with the classification taken further by different brands and designers. 

Apple Shaped – This body type is proportioned quite well. The shoulders are broader but the hips aren’t which means these women are not as curvy at the hips. Also termed as inverted triangles, women in this shape must take advantage of their bust, arms and legs. Flowing tops, relaxed button-up blouses, etc. look good for tops. Strapless dresses, maxi dresses with flattering necklines and wrap dresses too are good choices. Flaunt those legs with leggings (cropped and ankle length) and skinny jeans. 

Straight Shaped – Also known as athletic body type and rectangular, women with this shape are not curvy. Their shoulders and hips are almost the same with even distribution of weight. The best tops are haltered necks, strapless tops, racer back styles and literally any kind of top. These women look great in bomber jackets, peacoats and oversized outerwear. Coming to dresses, they can ace the jumpsuits as much as a strapless dress with a plunging neckline. And when choosing pants and bottoms, one should think contrast. An oversized top must be paired with a pair of skinny jeans. 

Pear Shaped – As the name suggests pear shaped women have wider waists than busts. Their fuller hips are the highlights of the entire body. Which means they can literally sport any kind of top and blouse with different sleeves and neck patterns. Open back dresses, embellished necklines, belted styles, maxi styles, etc. are a few styles to try in dresses. And for bottoms, pear shaped women should wear dark colors to complement their colourful tops. 

Hourglass Shape – This is the curviest body types of all with well-defined waist. With bust and hip almost measuring the same, some women also have full busts, thighs and hips. So, the trick here is to show off the amazing curves with figure hugging clothing options. Peplum blouses, fitted jersey knits, tops with all kinds of neck styles, etc. are worth trying. Almost all kinds of dresses and fitted jumpsuits suit this shape. 

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